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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Number 92

 Today Was field day at the kids school! They had SO much fun running around rather than worrying about school assignments.  Do you blame them? Nor could I.  They did so well. They both had areas they excelled in and areas where they didn't do so well. But they tried their best and had fun. Thats what it's all about!
 Here are 3 of the photos I took today that stood out the most.
 Theres bit of motion blur but it was dark in the room... :/  But I love the action blur from the other kid tagging his hand!
I LOVE all of the action in this one. There is SO much going on in this photo and I LOOVE it! Not to mention Amanda's running stance.
Bella was such a trooper. She was stuck in her stroller most of the time we were there and she did so well. She was making faces at me not giving me unhappy looks.

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